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Tree trimming is essential to the long term health and beauty of trees. There are many varieties of trees in the Tampa Bay Area, all of which require regular trimming, pruning and thinning in order to enhance their ability to grow properly, creating a beautiful, healthy and safe asset to your property.


The Arborist Tampa Trusts

Tree trimming Tampa oak trees can be an enormous task, depending on how large the oak tree has grown. We have trimmed hundreds of extremely large oak trees throughout the Tampa Bay Area, safely and easily. Trimming a very large oak tree can be very dangerous and is best left to the Tampa tree trimming professionals and the arborist Tampa trusts at M & M Tree Service, Inc. Tree trimming Tampa palm trees maintains their tropical beauty and encourages new growth. Palm trees can quickly become overgrown and lose much of their beauty. Overgrown palm trees can also pose a safety risk, as they can become dangerous in a severe Florida storm or hurricane. Fronds can rip away in heavy winds, causing harm to homeowners and to the tree itself.



Expert Tree Pruning for the Health of your Trees

Tree pruning is one of the most common tree maintenance procedures by which unwanted parts of trees are cut away. Tree pruning may be needed for many different reasons, including improving the overall structure and shape of the tree. Trees often grow in odd or unique ways based on various factors such as how the sunlight, wind or obstructions affect their growth patterns. Structure pruning is a selective pruning to help establish a strong branch scaffold system. It is a good idea to start structure pruning when the tree is originally planted or installed. The benefits of professional structure pruning are numerous, promoting solid tree structure and preventing co-dominant stems, future tree problems and potential hazards.

Professional Tree Trimming Tampa Bay

Tampa tree pruning and dead wooding removes dead, diseased, dying or dangerous branches, leaving the healthy branches room to grow properly. Tree thinning is a process for tree trimming Tampa Bay trees for their optimum beauty by selectively removing small branches to reduce crown density, thus increasing light penetration through the tree, improving air floe for a healthier tree and reduces its weight if in a storm zone. Improper pruning, dead wooding and tree thinning can cause damage to a tree that is irreversible and can permanently damage the life of a tree. Always use a Tampa Arborist who is skilled and follows the American National Standard for pruning. We are the Arborist Tampa residents can trust for all their tree trimming and tree pruning needs.

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